About Andy Eninger:

Andy Eninger is an actor/writer/director living in Chicago and working every angle. He is the creator of "Sybil," an improvised performance piece. Notable performances include the Chicago Improv Festival, Single File – the Chicago Solo Performance Festival, and, most recently, the Toronto International Improv Festival. He first performed the piece in 1999 at the Playground Theater in Chicago, where he still appears as a guest performer, and where he teaches the Sybilization workshop, an intensive program for solo improv performance.
He has also been an ensemble member of GayCo Productions, Chicago’s Gay & Lesbian Sketch comedy theater, since 1996, and has written for and performed in nearly all of their sketch comedy revues, including the After Dark Award-winning "Everyone's Coming Out, Rosie!", "The Miseducation of Dr. Laura" and most recently "GayCo Behind Bars." His performances with GayCo have included appearances in Miami, FL, Vermont, many venues in and around Chicago, and in extended runs in Amsterdam and Provincetown.

Andy is a former co-owner of and currently performs with the Chicago Comedy Company, where he has appeared in and written for hundreds of comedy programs at corporations and colleges across the country and where he creates team building and communication training programs for giant corporations.

In 1998, he wrote and directed the original play "Bedlam" for the Bailiwick Theatre and revised and then remounted the play for the Playground Theatre in 2002. Also at the Bailiwick, Andy performed with the improv company AHA! And wrote "Tennis," which was featured in their summer director's series. In 2003, he wrote the music for and directed the stage musical parody, "LIttle House on the Parody." 2004 brought the premiere of his written solo piece, "The Last Castrato" for the Single File Festival, Chicago.


Sybil is a completely improvised solo performance piece developed by Andy Eninger in 1999. The piece lasts from 15 to 45 minutes, and is created on the spot from a single audience suggestion. In a Sybil, the lone actor plays each and every character in an expanding, thematically connected network of improvised scenes and monologs. Plotlines and characters evolve from the initial suggestion resulting in comedically intertwined, spontaneous stories that unfold in unexpected directions. The performance is the ultimate challenge for an improvisor and a theatrical delight for the audience, who ofen find themselves involved in the action. The form itself is always evolving and growing, through Eninger's work and in the hands of graduates of his workshops.

Sybil was developed by Andy Eninger in 1999 under the coaching tutelage of improv veteran Tim Schueneman. Previously, Andy had briefly performed with Kathy Bianchi as an improv duo known as Sybil. When Kathy moved away to London, Andy stole the name and announced that he would carry on without her. Chicago's Playground Theater hosted the first performances of Sybil as part of their guest performance series. In 2000, as part of the Playground's Directors Series productions, Eninger developed a workshop to train and develop master improvisors using Sybil as a teaching tool. Since then, his Sybilization workshop has run several times in Chicago, and is a popular installment at improv training institutions and festivals around the country.


July 2009 - ImprovBoston
May 2009 - Chicago Improv Festival
May - June 2009 - Donny's Skybox Theater (4 Week Run)
June 2007 - Workshop, San Francisco Improv Festival
November, 2006 - Polanen Theatre, Amsterdam
January, 2006 - SHIFTI Festival, Warwick, England
April 2005 - Oberlin College Improv Festival
Spring 2005 - Sybilization, Chicago, IL
November 2004 - Performance and Workshop for San Francisco Improv Co-Operative
May, 2004 - Performance and Workshop, St. Louis Improv Festival
February, 2003 - Miami Improv Festival
March, 2003 - Toronto, CA - Workshops & Performances
March 2003 - Single File Solo Festival, Chicago, IL
April, 2003 - Seattle, WA (Workshops and Performance)
May, 2003 - Chicago Improv Festival
May, 2003 - St. Louis Improv Festival
August, 2003 - Toronto Improv Festival
Oct/Nov, 2003 - Sybilization, Chicago, IL
March, 2002 - Single File Solo Festival, Chicago, IL
May, 2002 - Chicago Improv Festival
July, 2002 - New York, New York, Metropolitan Playhouse
August, 2002 - Toronto Improv Festival






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