Performing the Sybil solo improv form is the ultimate challenge for an improvisor. The exercises and character work required to prepare for an extended solo longform will forever change the way you improvise. Sybil workshops train the actor to take complete responsiblity on stage, to expand and deepen their characters, and to discover narrative plots and character connections that move and involve the audience. Participants will develop a new level of intentionality and sense of responsibility in preparing for any performance, will discover an expanded range of character work, and will improve their ability and speed in initiating engaging situations onstage.

This six-week workshop was developed in association with the Playground Theater in Chicago. Starting in September of each year, 6 improvisers train with Andy Eninger and their own personal coach to master the Sybil form. The workshop culminates in an eight-week theatrical run at the Playground Theater in Novembe/December. Due to interest in this program, auditions may be required. There is a course fee. E-mail here to be informed as the next Sybilization dates are announced.

Weekend Workshops
One or Two-day Sybil workshops are offered from time to time through different training centers and at improv festivals around the country. These intensive workshops are a way to immerse yourself in solo improvisation. Course fee, performance opportunity, and content are determined by the event and the group organizing the workshop. Check out the Calendar on the Homepage for upcoming open workshop dates.


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